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Principal Investigators Meet

Field Visit on Jenu Kuruba Language (On 26th August, 2014)
Principal Investigators Meet (On 26th and 27th September,2014)in Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), Mysore.

The main agenda for the meeting were to inform Principal Investigators (PI) about the importance of documenting culture and folklore in audio-visual format, informing about the formats for sending data to CIIL, to give the feedback about the work done earlier by the PIs and to address the problems faced by the PIs.

Dr. Ramamoorty, coordinator of SPPEL presented the Questionnaire for data collection which was developed by the SPPEL team. PIs shared their experience about data collection. Their problems and the solutions were discussed in the meeting.

Some of the important decisions which were taken in the meeting were that, if data is not received within the assigned time then the project will be withdrawn from the PIs, workshops on Language documentation will be conducted for the PIs, SRPs and JRPs and PIs should rent or buy a camera for detailed ethno-linguistic documentation.
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