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Field Visit on Jenu Kuruba Language

Field Visit on Jenu Kuruba Language (On 26th August, 2014)
The main aim of field visit was to train and to give practical experience in the field to the Resource Persons and Technical Staff as well. It was a success trip.

RP’s, Technical Staff and along with our Project Coordinator went to Jenukuruba settlement. The Coordinator divided us in 6 groups, each group consists 3 persons (2 RP’s and 1 Kannada interpreter). Each group are assigned task viz.,
1) Ethno-linguistic profile (Ornaments, attire, worshiping etc.)
2) Colour, body parts, kinship terms and Ethnic ailments.
3) Numerals, Directions, Time and Seasons, Measurements, Kitchen items, house hold items and mode of transportation.
4) Text, Folklore (Proverbs, Riddles, Stories and Narrations).
5) Basic Vocabulary List and Sentences (Pronoun, Case) Entertainment, games.
6) Profession, Professional tools, Techniques, Flora & Fauna and Animals.

Considering these topics we started our journey from CIIL at 7.30AM. On the way we had our breakfast and we took some gifts and chocolates to make rapport with the settlers. It took 1hour to reach there. After reaching the village we took permission from the concerned District Forest Officer. Then we searched for a consultant who took us to the Jenukuruba settlement named kappina kattehadi. It is a resettled village. These tribes have built their settlements in several hilly and mountainous areas. Traditionally they are a tribe of honey gatherers and hunters. Tribes also carry on cultivation as a supplementary profession.

The informants were very cooperative and enthusiast to give information. It was difficult job to do in monolingual situation. But with the help of interpreters each individual group have known their culture and ethnic system and collected some information which are assigned. We gained some knowledge in the field and understand what the Do’s and Don’ts are in the field. The field visit to Jenukuruba was successful. We turn back to CIIL at 5.00PM.
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