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Phonetic Transcription Training Program

Three Days Phonetic Transcription Training Program (04th August 2014 to 6th August 2014)
The main aim was to train the Resource Persons of SPPEL in phonetic transcription before going to the field and with this objective the program was a great success.
Our experts
1)Prof. Peri Bhashkararao, IIIT Hyderabad
2)Dr. Rekha Sharma, Retired from CIIL Mysore
3)Dr. Ravishankar, Pondicherry

Apart from the Resource Persons of SPPEL (14), 12 students from Mysore University also actively participated in the program. The technical team of SPPEL project also participated in the program and the whole SPPEL team got the necessary practical experience of handling audio and video equipments required for recording and documentation langauge and culture.
The Resource Persons of LDC-IL also joined the program and were benefited by the lectures of Prof. Peri Bhashkararao. Some of the resource persons of languages like Gujarati, Bodo, Konkani, and Mao. from LDC-IL project have served as the informants during practical sessions for providing a firsthand experience on phonetic transcription. The SPPEL team take this opportunity to thank all the informants for their willful participation.

Prof. Peri Bhashkararao delivered a intriguing and informative lecture in the second session on the basic principles of articulation. He focused on the four processes of speech sound production (air-stream mechanism, phonation, Ori-nasal process and articulation) and further he also detailed the phonetic and phonemic transcription techniques as well as the cons and pros of the narrow and broad transcription.

During the after lunch session, Dr. Rekha Sharma delivered the lecture on Transcription and IPA. She dealt in detail the consonant section of the IPA along with the demo of consonants with the help of Video Phonetics software.

The evening session of the day was devoted to the description of vowels and their transcription. Dr. Ravishankar delivered the lecture on vowel as described in IPA along with demo of vowels as given in Video Phonetics software.
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