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Training Programme On Field Techniques

Training Programme On Field Techniques (18th August 2014 to 21st August 2014)
The main aim was to train the Resource Persons of SPPEL in phonetic transcription before going to the field and with this objective the program was a great success.
Our experts
1)Prof. B. Ramakrishna Reddy
2)Prof. Ramesh Kumar
3)Prof. Kikkeri Narayanan
4)Prof. V. Gnanasundaram

The main aim of field visit was to train and to give practical experience in the field techniques to the Resource Persons and Technical Staff as well. It was a success trip.

A four-day Training on Documentation and Field Techniques was successfully conducted from 18th – 21st of August, 2014 at LDC-IL Committee Room, CIIL. The workshop was particularly meant for the SPPEL Team Members who were newly recruited and will be shortly conducting fieldworks in various places across India. The first session of the Day-I of the Workshop began with a warm welcome and introduction given by Dr. Ramamoorthy, Chairperson of the SPPEL. There were four Resource Persons namely Prof. B. Ramakrishna Reddy, Prof. Ramesh Kumar, Prof. Kikkeri Narayanan, Prof. V. Gnanasundaram.

The four experts gave challenging and inspiring talks by their practical experiences on various topics ranging from Linguistics Field Methods to Dictionary Making, Ethnoliguistics Investigation to Folklore Studies and Texts. Besides these, the basics on Linguistic Software Programs namely ELAN and PRAAT were introduced to the participants of the Worshop by Amresh, Sajila and Premkumar from LDC-IL.

The various topics discussed by the four experts are Field Techniques,Field Methods,Ethnoliguistics,Topics in Field Linguistics, Telugu Dialect Studies,Fieldwork on Folklore,Fieldwork on Lexicography and Making Dictionary.
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